Aloha! I work in a wide range of mediums, from watercolors, inks, oils, gouache, digital, paper collage, pastels and charcoal. I  like to draw/paint with inks and then manipulate the results digitally to add layers and complexity, or use digital brushes to emulate a painted and hand-drawn aesthetic. My work often focuses on the characters and their expressions and body language, and how I can use these to tell a visual story. I am currently developing my style and portfolio with the wonderful courses from Make Art That Sells, so stay tuned for new work! I post to Instagram most days, so if you are interested in my work please feel free to follow me there 🙂

Please note: the copyright for all images on this site belongs to Hazel Milburn Ito. Please do not reproduce any design or part of any design, without the owner’s permission. Thank you!